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* It's impossible to figure out what your right two upgrades are since there's no text on your shop menu. Left two are pretty simple to figure out but still need an icon or text.

* Upgrades provide linear benefits and their costs scale linearly. This means your game is going to be stale throughout.

* Your click upgrade seems to improve in increments of .5, but you only render whole numbers. Don't do this, use whole numbers. Multiply everything by 10 if you're insistent on using the same scale.

* Instead of screenshake, you should apply the shake to the character. Also don't apply screenshake when clicking the shop button/upgrades.

* Clean up your pencil lines.

1/10, I told you half this shit during DD19.

Extremely basic. There's nothing apart from the simple clicking/buying clickers. If you're going to continue with this add some gameplay mechanics that add some difficulty and risk/reward.

Its a pretty casual game, when I update it I don't plan to add any challenge to it, but there will be more content.

Widescreen resolution doesn't fit all the text on screen and resolution can't be selected on game launch.

It shouldn't be in widescreen, it only has portrait mode. I have no idea how that happened. Can you tell me how you managed to get it out of portrait mode?

I don't know, it just opens in widescreen.